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Loss of Libido (Sexual desire)
A reduced interest in the desire for sex is experienced by most people at some age. It becomes a problem for a man when he cannot longer satisfy the sexual needs of his partner.
There are very many factors, both physical and emotional which can cause a lowering in libido. Physical causes include diseases and drugs. Emotional factors can be stress, worry, grief, anxiety about satisfying their partner, fear of the consequences of sexual activities, like STDs, conflicts between partners, boredom in long term relationships etc. It is important for couples in long- term relationship to work actively at their sex life. Low sexual desire in older men can be caused by a low level of the hormone androgen.
Hormonal deficiency can sometimes be treated with hormone injections. Discussing problems and being prepared to enjoy intimacy on all levels can help but couple may need professional.

Priapism :
Priapism is a condition in which a male develops a permanent erection. If your erection lasts for an unusual period of time and is unrelated to sexual contact, consult a physician immediately as timely intervention can prevent permanent damage.
Possible causes of Priapism are :
• Penile injection therapy for impotence
• Physical trauma to the penis or surrounding region
• Diseases which thicken the blood like leukemia or sickle-cell anemia
• Cancerous growth around the penis preventing outflow of blood

Medication, or minor surgery to remove the old blood from the penis are the most common treatment options.
Short Male Genital Organ
Man gives importance to his male organ because this is an inseparable part of reproductively through which generation after generation of people have come and the world went on growing. Male organ is the vital part of sex play, which is one of the renewable pleasures to mankind.
So a well-developed "male organ" according to age and growth of body is more essential to lead a meaningful life. A man with under grown genital organ falls into a state of guilt and inferiority complex.
However, only the age old Ayurvedic Medicine can create a hope and show the way for those men who feel ashamed of their under developed genital organ.
We at Chandsi Specialist Clinic, prescribe effective treatment course to strengthen and facilitate for natural improvement of the male organ, without any side effects. Normally males believe that the length of their organ plays important role in achieving sexual pleasure. But this is totally wrong. The basic rule of sex play lies on the strength of the organ and the time taken to reach climax.
We analyzes the reason of short organ length and prescribes medicines accordingly. The active constituents of the prescribed medicines go through the body in many ways. These include oral consumption of herbal medicines, which gets absorbed by the digestive system and by application of Oils or Cream over the skin, the constituents get absorbed in the body through the pores. There is no age limit for undertaking our treatment and to enjoy the God given sexual pleasures in life. With the help of Ayurvedic herbal therapies even aged Maharajas and Nawabs in earlier times had married young girls to demonstrate their vigor and vitality.
Our treatment course consists of rare Bhasmas, Rasayanas & Herbo-mineral Ayurvedic medicines . This treatment has worked effectively in innumerable cases by increasing blood circulation in the male organ, which provides adequate strength and supports natural improvement of the organ. Once the desired result is achieved, it is almost permanent and there are no side or adverse effects.
Contact Details :
Head Office : SODE PUR (EAST)

Contact Details : Dr.Nirmal Roy (Sexologist)

Head Office : SODEPUR (EAST)

Address : Dr.N.Roy's Specialist ClinicC46, Building , School Road , Sodepur.
Near : 4 No. Railway Ticket Counter SODEPUR
Near : Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy Handicapped School
Kolkata – 700110. West Bengal.

Help Line : +91 - 9831331555 / +91-8334889636 / +9133 – 65011474
Email Id:
Website :
Visiting Hours : Morning 10:00A.M to 1:00P.MEvening 5:30P.M to 9:00P.M
Sunday Closed

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